Someone Like Me: encouraging empathy and understanding between children

Titles in the Series

Aims of the Series

Sharing experience

Sometimes feeling a bit different can make you feel very lonely. Reading about someone who faces similar challenges to you makes you realise that you are not alone. The books embrace the good things about difference, the difficulties that it can bring, and tactics for making life easier.

Encouraging empathy

Children who don’t have the same experience can learn more about their friends and classmates, and why they may approach the world in a different way. They can learn from each other and may find strategies that help them, too.

Embracing diversity

Being different can be an advantage as well as a challenge. As Greta Thunberg says “Asperger is not a disease, it’s a gift.” Seeing the world through each other’s eyes enriches our experience. Highlighting strengths as well as acknowledging challenges is important. Together we are stronger.

About the Authors

Karen Wright is passionate about demystifying SEND. She is a teacher and therapist with particular interest in, and experience of working with children with Asperger’s Syndrome and attachment issues. As well as being a contributor to The NAS Your Autism Magazine, and Adoption Today she leads a local support group for children with ASD and social anxiety, and their parents. She has home schooled and flexi schooled her son and blogged about their experience. She is interested in exploring alternative supportive education for children alongside conventional school settings.

Karen is the author of the first three titles in the series: Dylan’s Story, Lottie’s Story and Tilly’s Story.

Liz Poulain founded Fuzzypig Books in 2018, with the aim of producing high-quality picture books for children. She hopes to help destygmatise difference through stories about everyday children with special challenges. She has experience of dealing with a number of challenging issues for children, including integrating in a new school environment, dealing with acute and chronic childhood illness, education within the school system and outside it.

Liz is series editor and illustrator.

Further titles in the series will include a story about a girl with Down’s Syndrome and a boy with a life-limiting disease.

Other titles from Fuzzypig Books

You can find out more about these titles at fuzzypigbooks.com


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